Push a block with a 2 alongside another 2 and they’ll disappear. A block with a 3 needs to be adjacent to two other 3s. Simply push the required number of blocks together.

How To Play

… overall it’s a clever, pleasing twist on the block-pushing format, and for just £3/$5 it’s definitely worth a look.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Polyology 10-16-2014 6-41-26 PM 26

Brimming with an array of mechanics all based around a deceptively simple idea.

Polyology Switch

Soundtrack by industry veterans who brought you games such at GoldenEye 007, Timesplitters and Crysis 3.

Polyology Constraint

It injects its own new puzzle concepts to ensure that you’re never bored doing the same thing.

Hardcore Gamer

Polyology 10-16-2014 6-41-29 PM 29

No need to worry about mistakes as you can just rewind time.